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Installation Guidelines
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Think of your vinyl lettering sheet in 3D:
Your vinyl arrives as a pre-spaced sheet of letters made up of thee layers:
  1. The top layer - or transfer tape (through which you can see the letters or design)
  2. The middle layer - which are the letters themselves; and
  3. The bottom layer - or white/blue shiny backing paper.
Unroll your SimpleStencil Lettering and lay it flat in a warm area until it no longer curls. Once it lays flat, place your expression on a table or other smooth hard surface. Rub over the entire surface of your expression with an applicator (or credit card). This will ensure that the lettering adheres to the transfer tape before you attempt to remove the backing.
Position your vinyl sheet on the wall, centering the letters or your design, and securing with masking or painting tape. The tape acts as a hinge for the project. You can see the transfer through its semi-transparent top layer.
Flip the lettering sheet upward and slowly peel off the bottom layer. Let the lettering rest on the semi-transparent top layer. If the lettering wants to stick to the backing, slowly manipulate the backing to help the letters stick to the top layer.
Use the enclosed tool, or some kind of hard but gently edge like a large tongue depressor, wide popsicle stick or plastic scraper, and firmy rub over the semi-transparent top layer to secure the lettering to your wall. Work from the center out on both sides letting the edge act as a squeegee over the lettering.
Then, carefully peel off the sticky top layer to reveal your work.
Sit back and enjoy.
Removal hint:
When it comes time to remove your work, remember that the heat of a blow dryer will soften the vinyl and make it easier to peel off.
If you have any query or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us
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