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Our current estimated turnaround from payment clearance to dispatch is approximately 3 working days

Popular Wall Art Decals For Elementary Schools and Classrooms

A collection of vinyl wall art designed to both stimulate, teach and motivate elementary age students while creating a colorful environment for learning. Our vinyl wall decals are easy to install, look painted on and can be removed at the end of the year without damage to the underlying surfaces. Custom designs are also available or you can DESIGN YOUR OWN online. Adding elementary student names to desks, cubbies, etc. is a great way to make the young student feel welcome as well as teaching how to recognize/spell their name.


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Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic. JK Rowling Quote
Library Wall Display | Imagination Boy Reading Decal Decor
Customized Welcome To My Classroom
You Are Kind You Are Smart You Are Important | Wall Decal Decor
Working Hard Believe In Yourself - Harry Potter Wall Quote
You Can Think Any Think -Dr. Seuss Wall Decal Sticker
If You Are A Dreamer Come In | Shel Silverstein Wall or Door Decal
Set of 50 Wall Dots | Polka Dot Vinyl Sticker Peel & Stick Decals
Book Tree Wall Art Decal Sticker | Library Wall Decor
Think and Wonder Dr. Seuss Wall Sticker Decal
Elementary Classroom Wall Decal Sticker
In This Classroom
Be Who You Are and Say What You Feel | Dr. Seuss Wall Quote
Tattle Monster
Craft Supplies Decal
Imagine and Play
Horton Hears A Who - Dr. Seuss Wall Decal
Elementary School 4S LINE
Library Book Destination Sign 2
Book Nut
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