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About The Simple Stencil

The premier source for visualizing your messages, beliefs and statements with beautiful wall decals and vinyl wall lettering.

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Visualizing the Power of Creativity

The Simple Stencil is an ingenious shopping environment for wall decals and custom lettering designs. Established in 2002 The Simple Stencil enables people, organizations and businesses to deliver powerful visual messages and beliefs, make intelligent statements and decorate their environments with beautiful creative designs.

Our company combines manufacture quality and perfection, creating an exclusive platform for visual expressions.

about us
about us

My name is Jennifer Jeffers, I am the founder and CEO of The Simple Stencil. Over the past years I have managed to build one of the most fascinating shopping scenes for wall decals and lettering designs on the market.

This new revolutionary concept brings together our own beautiful and inspiring creations with the custom creations designed by our many clients. Together with my skilled and devoted team I have managed to build an exciting new medium and transform it into an entertaining and personalized experience.

Over the course of my career I have established myself as an innovative and genuine entrepreneur, with a unique approach to design and style. Today I am proud to be at the forefront of a very unique industry, setting new standards in how people express their ideas and messages.

Meticulous Attention to Details

My personal enthusiasm for style and my strong desire for the freedom of expression have resulted in the launch of a successful business which I'm very proud of. It is undoubtedly a sweeping change of how people can deliver their messages and beliefs. Our outstanding collections resonate with my personal passion for creativity and my exquisite attention to detail.

We vow to keep growing and developing, bringing more creative design options and manufacture competence to our valued clients. Thank you visiting us and for considering our products.

about us
about us

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